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Another Student Athlete Faces DWI Charges

  • By James Cummings
  • Feb 17, 2015

DWI cases are serious matters, with serious punishments. Loss of driving privileges from a DWI can mean you are unable to get to work or school, and earn a living. In some instances, your employer may add a layer to the punishment being imposed by the Court, and this can make your daily routine much more difficult. For athletes, it is not uncommon to be placed on suspension from your sports team when you receive a DWI. All of these consequences are severe, and can be damaging to your future.

A promising basketball player in New York is finding out just how serious it is to be charged with DWI. Sophomore player John Rinaldi has been charged with DWI, and the team’s response includes the following “punishments”:  

  • The walk on player has been suspended from the team until further notice.  
  • Rinaldi will have to seek approval to return to the team, and can only make this request after his legal proceedings have been completed.

Given the time frame it can sometimes take to finalize a criminal case, this might mean Rinaldi is out for the season. For an athlete, this is one of the highest forms of punishment. For a student athlete, it might lead to loss of scholarship or other financial assistance. Given the severity of the possible outcomes of this matter, it is crucial that an aggressive defense to the charges be made. Included in defense of the case is the need for the student to show he is accountable for his actions, and remorseful for violation of any student athlete code of conduct. When your behavior has the possibility of shedding a negative light on your employer or university, it is all the more critical you act swiftly to address any charges against you.

If you have been charged with a crime and are in a publicly visible job or station, call a qualified criminal defense attorney for help. Contact a skilled North Carolina criminal defense lawyer for representation.