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I Still Need To Drive After A DWI Arrest, What Do I Do?

  • By James Cummings
  • Feb 17, 2015

The list of items most people can’t go without is pretty short. Of course the list includes the basic necessities of life such as food, shelter, and clothing. In today’s world you can add to that list certain “techie” items like a cell phone or tablet. Still another thing that significantly impedes a person’s ability to conduct their daily routine is the loss of their driver’s license. That little card with your picture on it suddenly becomes vital when it isn’t in your possession. In DWI cases, the possibility of having your license revoked or at least temporarily suspended is very real.

Common results for DWI charges include possible loss of driving privileges, a requirement to perform community service, and the imposition of fines and penalties. But, you can and should ask for a temporary license, as well as a pretrial limited license. Typical reasons for making a request for a provisional license include:

  • Allowing the driver to get to and from work.  
  • A license that gives the driver the right to go to school.

In order to ask for a temporary license, you must follow certain rules and procedures. And you must also make your request on time. Failing to timely seek a license while your case is pending could result in an inability to do so later. In order to protect your rights and your ability to drive, you must call a criminal DWI defense attorney immediately after the arrest so time is not lost. Our attorneys are experienced in representing individuals charged with DWI at every level of the process. We handle not only the criminal case against you, but also the administrative proceeding regarding your driving license.

If you have been arrested for DWI and need to maintain the right to drive, call a skilled North Carolina criminal defense lawyer for representation. We fight for your freedom, to protect your livelihood, and maintain your good reputation. We aggressively defend your case to reach solutions that fit your needs.