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What Freedoms Do I Lose If I Am On Probation

  • By James Cummings
  • Feb 18, 2015

Knowing what to expect when you are charged with a crime helps you prepare for the future. For example, if you will be required to pay fines and costs, knowing what is included in your total helps you budget your finances in a way that allows you to pay what is due while still meeting your personal obligations. It is also helpful to know what will be expected of you if you agreed to a term of probation, and what might happen if you fail to abide by those terms.

Probation terms and conditions can include any or all of the following:  

  • House arrest, or electronic monitoring of your whereabouts.  
  • Drug and alcohol testing, at random intervals.  
  • The requirement to complete a certain number of community service hours.  
  • The requirement that no new crimes are committed while on probation. 
  • Random warrantless searches and seizures.

It is imperative that you understand and are clear on the terms of your probation. This is because if you violate the terms, you can be charged with a probation violation. A probation violation is a crime in and of itself, and you might find yourself defending that charge as well as the original charges against you. If you are not sure what to do while on probation, ask! We are here to help negotiate terms that work for you, and also to make sure you stick to the rules. A successful term of probation is beneficial to you, as well as to the prosecution. Our experienced team of criminal law professionals is here to help you make sure you abide by all the terms of your probation, so upon successful completion your goals are met and the case against you is final.

If you have questions about probation, call an eastern North Carolina criminal defense lawyer for help. We offer a free initial consultation and work with you to achieve satisfactory results.