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Domestic violence is often an emotionally-charged crime. Domestic violence is defined by the following acts committed against someone with whom the defendant has a personal relationship with:  


The Ins And Outs Of Posting Bond

  • By James Cummings
  • Jul 07, 2014

Domestic violence occurs more frequently than most people realize. This is because what starts out as a simple argument can quickly escalate. When an argument reaches the level of physical violence, emotions run high and the “victim” often calls the authorities. This is true even when there may be no actual physical harm, but once called the process is set in motion. Finding your way out of this legal maze if you are considered the aggressor can be difficult. But, with the right criminal defense attorney by your side, the clock can be unwound and you can move forward in a positive way.  


Fair warning: This post is not about Carteret County Criminal Defense.