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What To Expect After A DUI Arrest

  • By James Cummings
  • Sep 23, 2016

The initial moments after your DUI arrest can be extremely scary, overwhelming and nerve wrecking. While these emotions are entirely expected, they can be lessened by simply preparing yourself for what a DUI entails and what the actions that follow will include. Below are the steps and processes that may follow your arrest, but are subject to change on a case to case basis.

The Initial Arrest

When you’re pulled over and questioned for drinking, the next step will be to submit to a breathalyzer test or a sobriety test. In the case that you fail either of these tests you will automatically be arrested, booked and noted as suspicion of DUI. The official ticket will not be given until later.

A Day In Court

After the arrest, you will be summoned to an appearance in court. Your case will be presented along with the evidence that was collected regarding your DUI. From there you will be required to plead innocent or guilty to the charges that you were given.

A Suspended License

The first punishment that comes with a DUI is a suspended license. The amount of time that your license is suspended will vary based on the ruling of the court, but is inevitable once you have pleaded guilty.

Paying Fines

As with any court case there will be fines, but DUI’s come with additional fines that go towards any damage, injury or other fees that are circumstantial to your case. These could take a while to pay off, in which case you can work out a financing plan.

Additional Punishment

Depending on your DUI case and the evidence that has been provided, the forms of punishment that you are given will vary from that of other cases. For some of the more severe DUI cases, jail time, probation and breathalyzers for personal vehicles could be the form of punishment, and for other instances alcohol abuse classes and an increase in insurance cost could be the additional punishment. This will all vary on your case but will usually be outlined to you pretty early on in the case.

DUI’s are by no means something simple and straightforward. That’s why you need the help of a DUI lawyer. Call the Cummings and Kennedy office for direct help with your case and to find the support that you need throughout your hearing. You can trust our team of professionals to give you the help that you need with all things DUI related.