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Identity theft is considered a white collar crime because no violence is involved. However, there are still consequences and they can be very serious. Identity theft is the fraudulent act of assuming another person’s identity by finding out their personal details and information in an illicit manner and is considered both a white collar and theft crime. While this is not a violent crime, there is still a victim involved and the ramifications can be severe.  


Many underage kids get their hands on a fake ID and attempt to use it to buy alcohol or get into a bar or club. Many times these kids are college or high school students that think they are merely goofing off, when in actuality using a fake ID is a criminal offense and is treated harshly in North Carolina.  


Who Are You?

  • By James Cummings
  • Jul 03, 2014

Everyone wants to grow up too fast, no one more so than college aged kids not yet old enough to enter bars or buy alcohol. The urge to use an older sibling or friend’s identity as your own can be great, but is also a serious criminal offense. As insignificant as it seems to use someone else’s information as your own simply to buy beer, the punishment can be severe.