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Carteret County Assault Lawyer

Assault charges include everything from Simple Assault to Assault with a Deadly Weapon to Manslaughter or even Murder. The punishment for Assault varies and will depend on the circumstances of every case. Simple Assault and Assault on a Female are misdemeanors while other more serious assault charges such as Assault with a Deadly Weapon Inflicting Serious Injury and others can be charged as felonies

Have you been arrested for Assault? Contact a Carteret County criminal attorney!

Regardless of whether the Assault stems from a bar fight or a domestic argument, you need an experienced Carteret County criminal defense attorney. At Cummings & Kennedy, we have extensive experience dealing with Assault charges and are fully prepared to go the distance in our efforts to help clients obtain the just outcome that they deserve.

As a local family-run firm, we have proven over the years that we can provide hard-hitting, aggressive defense when it is needed most. With our firm working for you, you can rest easier knowing that you will have over 30 years of legal experience on your side. Our lawyers are in court every day fighting for our clients' rights. We are focused, knowledgeable and ready to fight for you. Call today.

If you are facing any type of Assault charges, do not hesitate to contact a Carteret County assault defense attorney from our legal team as soon as possible.