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Many people assume that DWI only refers to motor vehicles driven on state roadways. This, however, is untrue. In fact, according to the definitions laid out in §20‑4.01(49) of the 2009 North Carolina code, a vehicle is defined as any vehicle upon which a person or property can be transported – excluding those powered by humans or set exclusively on fixed tracks. In fact, in §20-138.1, when outlining DWI law, the only "vehicle" that is deemed as exempt is that of a horse.

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For this reason, those who are considered to be under the influence of alcohol or controlled substances are not exempt from the law when operating a boat on one of the state's waterways. In fact, due to the extenuating circumstances of being on a boat (such as the wind, sun and water), the effects of alcohol can actually seem more exaggerated and can cause a law enforcement officer to believe that the accused has actually consumed much more alcohol than they actually have.

Therefore, if you have recently been criminally charged with boating while impaired, it is not encouraged that you attempt to handle the case on your own. These cases can be complex and can easily spiral out of control. Having the legal experience of a knowledgeable Carteret County criminal defense lawyer can be the difference between successfully combating the charges and suffering the consequences.

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