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Protecting the Rights of the Criminally Accused in Beaufort and all of Carteret County North Carolina


If you have recently been criminally charged, then you are already aware of the stress that charges can bring. When facing criminal charges, having criminal lawyer is not only a desirable action, it is often a necessity and can be the difference between being found not guilty and being stuck with the consequences for the rest of your life.

At Cummings & Kennedy, our criminal defense attorneys know how to handle your criminal case. When you hire us for assistance with your criminal law charge, you can be confident that you will have an advocate on your side who will fight to get you the best result possible. By working with a Carteret County criminal defense lawyer from our firm, you can trust that you will always get our best effort.

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We are proud to provide clients with a wide variety of information regarding the types of cases that we handle. Every case is different, so please feel free to call us if you have any questions regarding your matter. Some of the criminal law offenses that we have previously handled include the following:


When found to be operating a motor vehicle with a blood alcohol concentration over the legal limit of 0.08%, a defendant can be facing serious consequences – such as driver's license suspension, incarceration and monetary fines. Time is a very important consideration in a DWI defense. If you are facing DWI charges, do not delay. Please call our criminal lawyers immediately. We are prepared to fight for the best possible outcome.

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Underage Possession

Individuals who are found to be in possession of alcohol while under the legal drinking age of 21 can face life-altering consequences. At our firm, we do not want a young person's future to be ruined by one silly mistake. For this reason, we always try to preserve a clean criminal record for any of our clients facing underage alcohol charges. Don't let a wild weekend at the beach follow you forever. Get assistance from our criminal defense attorney now.

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Drinking Tickets

In the state of North Carolina, individuals who are found to be drinking while underage will be given what is known as a drinking ticket. The consequences of these can be severe and therefore should be treated as such. We recognize the importance of these situations and will do everything we can to help the defendant keep their record clean and their future bright. Contact a criminal lawyer for assistance now.

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Public Intoxication

Being intoxicated in public is no laughing matter. It can be a difficult charge to explain to future employers. If you have been criminally charged, you need a serious defense. Our criminal defense attorneys are prepared to do everything that we can to protect your best interests.

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Disorderly Conduct

Disorderly conduct is a broad charge that covers many different illegal behaviors. Should a law enforcement officer determine that the actions of a person are harmful and are disturbing the peace, disorderly conduct is typically the common umbrella term with which they are charged.

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Driving While License Revoked

A DWLR charge can be very serious. If not handled correctly, can result in a one year loss of license. Most defendants do not realize the potential severe penalty. At our firm, we recognize how difficult it can be to deal with a revoked license and the situations that can occur as a result – you can trust that our criminal lawyers will fight to protect your driver's license.

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Resisting Arrest

Criminal charges pertaining to resisting arrest are serious because they are typically concurrent with the original crime for which you were getting arrested. It usually references behavior that indicates that you did not have a pleasant encounter with a law enforcement officer. Our criminal law team understands handling multiple charges can be and we are prepared to determine whether the additional charges are justified.

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Fake ID Charges

If a defendant is convicted with possession of a fake ID, it can cause a revocation of their regular driver's license. Furthermore, they could not only face criminal charges for the use of the fake ID, but also for underage drinking. Consult with our criminal lawyer today to learn about how we can protect your license and your criminal record.

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DMV Hearing

When dealing with DWI refusal, a defendant not only faces the criminal case, but also a civil case which will determine the future of their license. We are prepared to represent clients at these hearings and take all necessary precautions to try and protect their license.

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Boating While Impaired

Operating a motor vehicle while under the influence is not only illegal when on the road – it is illegal on the state's waterways as well. Our firm here in Beaufort knows the nuances of cases that occur while on the boat. Our criminal defense attorneys are prepared to go the distance in helping our clients combat the charges and protect their rights.

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Drug Crimes

No matter whether pertaining to possession or trafficking, law enforcement and prosecutors alike are diligent in tracking down and penalizing those who are criminally charged with a drug-related offense. These cases often rest on the details – we are prepared to devote the time and energy necessary to building the strongest case possible.

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Sex Crimes

Criminal law cases pertaining to sex offenses are not only treated severely under the law, they also carry a severe social stigma. At our firm, we are dedicated to ensuring that we treat each case delicately and with sophisticated professionalism. We know what is on the line and we will fight for you.

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Theft Crimes

From robbery to burglary, and even more minor cases of shoplifting, we recognize what is on the line with theft related offenses. You can be confident knowing that should you choose to work with our incredible criminal law team that we will do everything possible to combat the charges.

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Failure to Appear

When criminally charged and given a court date, one of the worst things that can happen is to be accused of failing to appear. We recognize that things occur – the date could not have been effectively communicated or an unforeseen situation could have occurred. You can trust that our criminal defense attorneys will do everything possible to present the facts and to defend your legal rights.

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In cases of assault, a person can be criminally charged merely for threatening to cause bodily harm – even if no physical contact was ever made. We recognize how cases that rest on the intent of a defendant can be tricky – we will do everything we can to protect you.

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Bond Hearings

Dealing with bond can be confusing – especially for someone who has never had to deal with it before. When a client chooses to work with us, they can trust that the criminal defense attorneys here at Cummings & Kennedy Law in Beaufort will provide a full and thorough approach to their case and representation in all related hearings.

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Homicide-related charges are among the severest criminal cases that a person can face. The penalties that are associated with something of this nature are life-altering in nature and deserve the hardest hitting defense possible. Our criminal lawyers are prepared to provide this.

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Domestic Violence

Should a family member make a domestic violence accusation, there is often no turning back. Even if they do not want to pursue charges, it will no longer be decided by them. Prosecutors will be able to pursue a case with or without their support. Learn more about how our criminal lawyers in Beaufort can assist you.

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Charges that are classified as felonies are those that are prosecuted the harshest under the law. Criminal penalties that are associated with felonies are not merely inconvenient – they are life-altering in nature. At our firm, we recognize how difficult these cases are and are prepared to provide our clients with the best possible defense that we can to help protect their legal rights.

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While not as severe as felony charges, misdemeanors are still something that should be taken seriously. Our criminal law team recognizes that these deserve serious consideration and when we take on a case pertaining to a misdemeanor, we do not look to cut corners – we give our clients that high-quality criminal representation that they truly deserve.

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In some cases, a criminal conviction or charge simply could not be avoided. This, however, does not mean that your life is over. In fact, if eligible, our criminal lawyers could help you to look into the possibility of expungement – helping to wipe the slate clean so you can move forward into a brighter tomorrow.

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At our firm, we know that dealing with criminal cases is not a simple matter. Therefore, we do not attempt to provide our clients with a shallow representation. Instead, we provide a full-scale and comprehensive assistance that they can fully rely upon. To learn more about how our criminal defense attorney can help you to deal with your criminal charges, please do not hesitate to consult with our legal team. We are proud to serve clients throughout the entire coastal area of North Carolina, including those who currently reside in Beaufort, Havelock, Morehead City and Newport. Don't wait – call today!

Criminally charged in the coastal area of North Carolina? Please do not hesitate to contact a Carteret County criminal defense lawyer from our firm to schedule your case review.