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Carteret County Disorderly Conduct Lawyer

Have you been arrested for disorderly conduct in Carteret County?



No matter where in Carteret County you are, if you have been found to be behaving in a manner that disturbs the peace, you could be facing criminal charges of disorderly conduct. According to §14-288.4 of the 2009 North Carolina Code, the following behaviors are considered to fall under the umbrella term of disorderly conduct:

  • Engaging or threatening to engage in violent conduct
  • Refusing to vacate an educational facility building
  • Taking possession of an educational facility building without authorization
  • Making or using language or gestures for the purpose of provoking retaliation

Due to the nature of this type of criminal charge, it can also be charged concurrently with other types of crimes. For example, public intoxication and resisting arrest could also be charged for the type of behavior that falls under disorderly conduct. At Cummings & Kennedy, we recognize those that are criminally charged with this type of crime are not always deserving of the charges that are determined, and that there are charges that are less harsh available. Our criminal lawyers are prepared to fight tooth and nail to help our clients obtain the optimum outcome that they fully deserve.



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If you have recently been criminally charged with disorderly conduct, you do not have the luxury of wasting your time. At a time such as this, it is highly encouraged that you get the legal assistance of a knowledgeable Carteret County criminal defense lawyer that you can fully trust. With over two decades of aggregate attorney experience, you can feel confident knowing that you will have a lawyer on your side that understands the law and is prepared to put their experience to work for you.


For high-quality and trustworthy representation in your case, contact a Carteret County disorderly conduct attorney from our firm as soon as possible.