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Carteret County Domestic Violence Attorney

Understanding the Legal Definition of Domestic Violence

Domestic violence is one of the most emotionally-charged crimes that a defendant can find themselves facing. Pursuant to §50B-1, this is an offense that is defined by the commission of the following acts against someone with whom the defendant has a personal relationship with:

- Attempting to cause serious bodily injury

- Placing the alleged victim in fear of imminent injury

- Harassing the victim to the point of stalking

- Committing an act that is defined as rape or other sexual offense

The term "personal relationship" is also defined within the law and is not as specific of a term as one would think. Anything from an ex-spouse, to a former roommate, to people who have a child together and even those who are casually dating can be decided as being in a personal relationship – therefore causing the act to fall both under the first criminal act and the umbrella term of domestic violence.

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If you have been accused of committing domestic violence, it is important that you realize the uphill battle that you will be facing. In many cases, a domestic violence charge can be made out of spite, jealousy or even in the attempt of the alleged victim to gain the upper hand in a pre-existing family law suit. The difficulty arises when one realizes that even if they wish to drop the charges, the alleged victim will often not be able to – by that time, it will be up to the prosecutor in determining whether or not they would like to pursue formal charges.

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