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Carteret County Defense Lawyer

Have you been criminally charged with a drug offense?

Being arrested for a drug-related crime is nothing to take lightly. Facing something of this nature can be extremely intimidating and without the proper amount of legal representation, it can easily feel as if there is no hope for the future. At Cummings & Kennedy, we know what is on the line with situations of this nature and we are firmly dedicated to helping our clients defend their rights – no matter whether they have been charged of simple possession or trafficking charges.

In the state of North Carolina, law enforcement officers and prosecutors take drug charges very seriously. It is not something that can be taken lightly or without serious attention. Our firm understands the gravity of the situation and is fully dedicated to providing clients with the defense that they truly deserve. No matter the charges, our clients can be confident knowing that we will give our full effort in protecting their rights.

Criminal Defense Attorney Serving Beaufort North Carolina

If convicted, the penalties associated with a drug charge can carry life-altering consequences. Even a simple change on a criminal record can cause unforeseen obstacles to employment or school enrollment. Having the representation of an experienced Carteret County criminal defense attorney is important to the efforts of protecting and defending your best interests. We recognize this – you can trust that regardless of the circumstances that we will fight to protect and defend your freedom.

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