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Carteret County Expungement Attorney

Sealing Your Record – Protecting Your Future

An arrest or criminal record can be detrimental to your life. There are instances in which a first-time offender can get the crime expunged from their record – meaning that the records are sealed and that anyone who runs a background check would not run across the criminal case. This makes it so that someone who had been involved in the law, but had their records sealed, would be able to honestly answer "no" when asked if they have been convicted of a conviction– providing them with the ability to easily and successfully move forward in their future unhampered by the prior conviction.

In North Carolina, should someone be charged with a misdemeanor or a felony and it was either dismissed or if it was determined that they were not guilty, then they could be eligible for expungement. This would seal all records that are related to the apprehension or the trial. The following, however, would make someone disqualified for an expungement:

  • Previously receiving an expungement
  • Having a previous criminal conviction
  • Having pending criminal charges
  • The charge be in relation to a motor vehicle violation
Carteret County Lawyer Helping With the Expungement Process

We at Cummings & Kennedy recognize the importance of receiving an expungement. A potential employer could see that you had been involved with violating the law and even though you were not convicted, it could be enough to have them choose another applicant. Should you choose to work with a Carteret County criminal defense attorney from Cummings & Kennedy, you will be able to trust in both our ability and our desire to protect your rights. Call today to set up an appointment with one of our expungement lawyers and see what options are available to you with the help of our free consultation.

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