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Carteret County Felony Defense Attorney

Defending Against Felony Charges in Eastern North Carolina

While any criminal charge is something that should be taken seriously, it is important to realize that criminal charges in relation to felonies will be of more severity than a misdemeanor. Felony charges can relate to everything from manslaughter, to domestic violence, and even drug crimes, such as trafficking. While differing in type, they all have one thing in common – unrelenting, life-altering penalties. Felonies are not something that can be dealt with in a month and then forgotten about.

If you are facing a felony charge, it is vastly important that you get the involvement of an experienced Carteret County criminal defense attorney that you can trust to provide you with high-quality and experienced representation when it matters most. At Cummings & Kennedy, we know the confusion that relates to felony crimes and we are firmly devoted to providing our clients with the representation that they truly deserve.

Contact a Carteret County Felony Lawyer From Our Firm

Due to the long-lasting impact of a felony conviction, should you be facing something of this nature, you do not have a moment to spare. Our firm is led by a husband and wife team and is a continuation of a firm that was started in 1995. With local roots, we are proud to offer residents of the Carteret County area with heavyweight assistance. We focus exclusively on criminal defense and are proud to be in court on a daily basis protecting your rights. This gives us a knowledge and experience that is not rooted in book learning, but rather has been hard-earned by putting in the hours necessary. We know the laws and we know the courts where we will be trying the case. You can trust that we will draw upon these vast resources to help you protect your best interests to the best of our abilities.

Facing felony charges? For legal assistance that you can rely on, contact a Carteret County felony defense lawyer from our legal team as soon as possible.