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In 1995, Attorney Robert L. Cummings began a law office dedicated to helping residents of Carteret County, specifically the city of Beaufort. Today, Cummings & Kennedy is proud to continue in this tradition. Led by James Cummings and Joe Kennedy, our firm recognizes that criminal cases are complex and deserve to be given high-quality assistance. We are prepared to go the distance with our clients, always willing to serve them on a personal level.

Clients who choose to work with a Carteret County or Beaufort attorney from our firm can rest easier knowing that their file or case will not be treated like just another number. Instead, we are prepared to take the time to ensure that each and every client has personalized responses, accessible legal advice and heavyweight representation when it matters most. Regardless of the criminal charges, we remain dedicated to ensuring that we fight tooth and nail to get the best possible outcome for you.

Since the very beginning, we have been proud to focus on criminal cases – and them alone. We know what focus can do and we exclusively dedicate ourselves to understanding the intricacies of North Carolina criminal law so that we can build a comprehensive defense. All we work on is Carteret County criminal cases, and we are in court every single day. As a client-focused firm, we pride ourselves on providing our clients with an in-depth knowledge of the courts and an unwavering dedication to your success. When you hire us, you can trust that we will go the distance in fighting for you.

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