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Have you been charged for a Hunting Violation in North Carolina?

Cummings & Kennedy offers legal counsel and representation for those charged with a hunting violation in Carteret County, North Carolina. The term hunting violation can include wildlife violations, hunting without proper license, or hunting in the off season. Without legal representation, pleading guilty can not only lead to misdemeanor offenses with a fine and court costs, but can also lead to revoking of your hunting and fishing license for a year or other length of time.

With getting a seasoned and experienced lawyer from Cummings & Kennedy, you can help mitigate the damages that can come from a hunting a violation. Though it may be a misdemeanor, failing to hire a lawyer and/or pleading guilty can have adverse effects on your capabilities to hunt or fish within the state North Carolina.

Hunting Violations

Hunting violations can account for a variety of misdemeanor offenses. This can include hunting in the off season for wildlife species such as deer, ducks, turkeys, doves, and bear, hunting without proper licenses, hunting outside of established hunting lands, and a variety of other hunting regulations violations. This results in a misdemeanor charge, with fines and court fees accompanying the charge. Fines can go from $30 to as high as $2,000, which stresses the importance of getting necessary legal representation. You can have your hunting and fishing permits and licenses revoked, as well as suspension from driving your boat. Furthermore, not only can your license be temporarily or permanently revoked, you can have your guns, truck or boats seized. This can cause serious barriers that hamper your ability to hunt again, and stresses the importance of getting the legal help necessary to mitigate the potential repercussions of a hunting violation.

By getting the legal representation for hunting violations, you can avoid some of the potential repercussions and penalties that come with pleading guilty for the charge without criminal defense. At Cummings & Kennedy, we know that regardless of the severity of your hunting violation charges, the consequences can be dire and inconvenience your life. That is why we offer quality criminal defense services.

Criminal Defense Attorney Serving the North Carolina Coast

When dealing with a hunting violation, it is best to contact a lawyer who understands the state’s laws and regulations, while keeping the best interest of our clients in mind. We understand some of the repercussions of a hunting violation, and are ready to help.