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Carteret County Identity Theft Attorney

What is identity theft and what are the consequences?

Although no violence is involved in a white collar crime, such as identity theft, it does not mean that the consequences are any less severe. Identity theft, considered to be both a white collar and a theft crime, is harshly prosecuted. Simply speaking, identity theft is the fraudulent act of assuming another person's identity by finding out their personal details and information in an illicit manner. This can be done by "dumpster diving," by wrongfully using public records or by hacking into computer systems.

The ways in which this theft is completed are countless, however, the end result is the same. It is important to realize that while this is considered a non-violent crime, it does not mean that law enforcement views it as a victimless crime. The ramifications of identity theft are wide-spread and can be severe. For this reason, law enforcement and prosecutors alike are relentless in slapping the accused with the harshest penalties possible – both as punishment and as a deterrent against possible future reoccurrences of this type of offense.

Carteret County Criminal Lawyer for Identity Theft Defense

At Cummings & Kennedy, we recognize how difficult it can be to deal with criminal cases relating to identity theft. Beyond the simple complexities that pertain to identity theft cases, these are cases that also involve considerable technological skill. Identity theft is most often tried as an internet or computer crime – it is vastly important that the Carteret County criminal defense lawyer that represents you will have the knowledge necessary to comprehensively handle such a delicate, complicated case. At our firm, we recognize what is on the line with situations of this nature – you can be confident knowing that we will go the distance in our efforts to protect your legal rights.

If you are facing criminal charges relating to identity theft, we encourage you to contact a Carteret County identity theft lawyer from our legal team as soon as possible.