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Carteret County Manslaughter Lawyer

Defending Those Accused of Manslaughter in Coastal North Carolina

Crimes that relate to homicide are some of the most relentlessly prosecuted and tried crimes possible. As they revolved around the taking of another human life, prosecutors and law enforcement alike are ruthless in ensuring that those who are accused see the most substantial sentences allowed under the law. There are two separate crimes that are tried under North Carolina law, these include:

Involuntary Manslaughter – This means that homicide occurred not voluntarily or through premeditated action, but rather through the negligence of the defendant.

Voluntary Manslaughter – Different from murder in that it does not involve premeditated planning, voluntary manslaughter is often described as a crime that occurs in the heat of the moment. While the action was voluntary, it was not planned – rather it was committed from being provoked or from extreme emotional distress.

According to §14-18 of the 2009 Code, voluntary manslaughter is considered to be a Class D felony whereas involuntary manslaughter is typically tried as a Class F. Regardless, however, it is important to realize that these are both felonies and therefore will carry heavy penalties. These are not consequences that you will easily be able to shrug off – rather they are life-altering in nature and could leave you suffering from the affects for the rest of your life.

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