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Misdemeanor Lawyer in Carteret County, NC

Have you been arrested for a Misdemeanor in North Carolina?

Many people assume that because a misdemeanor is not as serious as a felony, it does not deserve to be treated with hard-hitting and aggressive criminal defense. This, unfortunately, is a mistake. Although it does not carry the same level of consequence as a felony, these charges can still have serious penalties and should be treated as such.

For example, even having a misdemeanor like a shoplifting conviction on your record could prove troublesome in the future. Theft crimes can often be perceived as a moral crime and employers who see that you have been convicted – even if it is just a misdemeanor – could question your entire character and think twice about hiring you. Furthermore, having hunting violations can limit your rights to use your hunting and fishing license, cost you high fees in fines, and even result in temporarily or permanently seizing your guns, trucks or boats. In manners such as this, being convicted could affect you profoundly on a daily basis for the rest of your life – you therefore need to be aggressive in defending your future and fighting to prevent the possibility of conviction.

Criminal Defense Attorney Serving the Entire Coastal North Carolina

When you are dealing with a misdemeanor charge, you should not hesitate to consult with the legal team at Cummings & Kennedy as soon as possible. With over two decades of legal experience, our criminal defense attorneys have proven over the years that we are true advocates for the rights of the accused. We exclusively focus on criminal defense cases – providing us with an in-depth understanding of criminal law and a focus that allows us to provide high-quality representation when it is needed most. We therefore encourage you to contact us as soon as possible. We know what you are facing with your misdemeanor charges, and we will fight for you.

Contact a Carteret County misdemeanor attorney from our firm as soon as you can to schedule your initial case consultation and to discuss your legal options.