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Resisting Arrest Lawyer in Carteret County

Defending Those Accused of Resisting Arrest in Beaufort North Carolina

In the instant that you’re being arrested, you can feel confused, overwhelmed, scared, angry and nervous. Emotions run high, and there can be distress and disagreement with the charges, even the incident in its entirety. In cases where alcohol, drugs and/or age is involved, emotions and reactions can run even higher. It’s during these instances that we see individuals resisting arrest, making the situation worse.

At Cummings & Kennedy Law, we have a team of criminal defense attorneys that takes the time to learn the circumstances and in depth facts of your case. By doing so they are able to approach your case with all of the knowledge and support needed to overturn any charges that may come your way. If you are currently dealing with a resist of arrest case, then you need a criminal defense attorney that can back you up. Trust the attorneys at Cummings & Kennedy to have your back.

For aggressive protection against charges of resisting arrest, please do not hesitate to contact Cummings & Kennedy today!