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Carteret County Speeding Ticket Attorney

Working to Reduce the Impact of your Speeding Ticket


There’s nothing fun about receiving a speeding ticket; insurance prices go up, court fees are paid and points are taken off of your license. At Cummings & Kennedy Law, our traffic lawyers try and keep this situation from becoming a reality. In a successful case, we will work to either eliminate or reduce the final impact of your speeding ticket. While this isn’t going to be the case for every client, it can be for a vast majority of them, and individuals with speeding tickets need to realize they have this opportunity rather than simply settling for the verdict.

We start the process out by checking to see if the officer who gave the speeding ticket is certified on the radar and if there is an official recording of the speed that you were ticketed for. In the event that we find they have recorded the speed you were clocked at, there are still plenty of other options that we’re able to take advantage of. These options include the argument of improper equipment, a continued judgement or a reduction deal, each of which will work to improve the spot that you’re in.

If you’re ready to discover what options you have available to you, contact Cummings & Kennedy Law today and ask to set up an appointment with one of our traffic lawyers. Each traffic ticket lawyer has worked with a bunch of cases, providing them with experience in a range of instances and circumstances. As always, the consultation with our speeding ticket lawyer is free and confidential.


Carteret County Lawyer Helping With the Speeding Ticket Process


Should you choose to work with a Carteret County criminal defense attorney from our firm, you will be able to trust in both our ability and our desire to protect your rights – call our firm today and ask to setup a free consultation where we will work with you to determine which plan of action is going to be best for your circumstances.


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