Carteret County Domestic Violence Attorney

Domestic violence is one of the most emotionally-charged crimes that a defendant can face.

The term “personal relationship” is also defined within the law and is not as specific of a term as one would think. Anything from an ex-spouse, to a former roommate, to people who have a child together, and even those who are casually dating can be defined as being in a personal relationship – therefore causing the act to fall both under the first criminal act and the umbrella term of domestic violence.

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If you are accused of committing any act of violence, it is important to realize the uphill battle that you will be facing. In many cases, domestic violence charges are initiated out of spite, jealousy, or the alleged victim’s attempt to gain leverage in a divorce or child custody proceeding. Even if the alleged victim wishes to drop the charges, they cannot. Only the prosecutor can dismiss a case before it is heard by the Judge. Once charges are initiated, the State of North Carolina is taking an intimate look at your personal affairs and will be involved in your life until the case has concluded.

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