Accused of Using a Fake ID in Carteret County?

Charged with Using a Fake ID in North Carolina?

It happens all the time – a high school or a college student gets their hands on a fake ID and attempts to use it to buy some alcohol or get into a local nightclub. This, while it may seem innocent, is actually a criminal offense and is treated harshly by North Carolina law.

What are the Fake ID Laws in North Carolina?

According to North Carolina law §18B-302(e), it’s a criminal offense for an underaged person to knowingly enter a place where alcoholic beverages are sold and attempt to obtain alcohol through use of the following:

  • Fraudulent/altered driver’s license or identification document
  • Another person’s driver’s license or identification document
  • Any means that attempts to indicate the defendant is of legal drinking age

If discovered, a conviction report will have to be filed with the local Division of Motor Vehicles and the defendant in question will be forced to deal with a revoked driver’s license for up to a year. There will be no option of receiving a limited driving privilege following a conviction of this nature, not without the help of a criminal defense lawyer.

What are the Criminal Penalties for Possessing a Fake ID in North Carolina?

Using a fake ID in North Carolina to enter or attempt to enter a place where alcoholic beverages are consumed or sold, obtain or attempt to obtain an alcoholic beverage, or obtain or attempt to gain permission to buy an alcoholic beverage is a Class 1 misdemeanor, punishable by a maximum jail sentence of 120 days and a fine amount determined by the court.

Additionally, providing a fake ID to a police officer is a Class 2 misdemeanor, which carries a jail term of up to 60 days and a fine not exceeding $1,000. Selling or offering to sell a fake ID is a Class I felony, punishable by imprisonment between 3 to 12 months.

Criminal Defense Attorney Serving Carteret County

If you or a loved one are currently facing criminal charges for possessing a fake ID in North Carolina, it might be tempting to simply deal with the law enforcement and case on your own – this, however, is a mistake! Your future will be on the line and it is important that you take the necessary steps towards properly defending it. Having to deal with a fake ID charge might seem minor, but having a revoked license and having that blemish on your record could prove an obstacle in your future.

Why Choose Our Lawyers for possession of a Fake ID in North Carolina

To properly defend your rights, it is highly encouraged that you get the legal representation of an experienced Carteret County criminal defense lawyer from Cummings & Kennedy as soon as possible. With over twenty years of aggregate attorney experience, we know the laws. Someone from our legal team is in court almost every day – meaning that we are more than just book smart, we have experience. We have experience in handling trials and are prepared to put this valuable experience to work for you. These cases can also be tied into underage possession and could result in drinking tickets – these should not be taken lightly, so don’t wait! The sooner that we get involved, the faster that we will be able to begin laying the groundwork for your case. 

Contact the professionals at Cummings & Kennedy Law Firm, PLLC today and schedule your free and private consultation with our North Carolina fake id lawyers. Learn more about fake ID laws in North Carolina. 

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