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Carteret County Traffic Ticket Lawyers

A Generational Firm Helping Carteret County Drivers Resolve Their Traffic Tickets

Traffic tickets in North Carolina may result in fines and require a court appearance. Our attorneys at Cummings and Kennedy Law Firm, PLLC have been guiding drivers through the traffic law system for years, and we have significant experience handling all types of traffic violations. North Carolina may issue traffic tickets for violations ranging from speeding to minor car accidents to failure to wear a seatbelt. Whatever traffic ticket you are facing, though, you can trust that our legal team knows how to swiftly resolve your issue. We are a continuous generation of lawyers who have been serving Carteret County clients for years, and we can help you, too.

North Carolina’s Points System

Like many states, North Carolina implements a points system for drivers that penalizes individuals for a variety of traffic violations. Accumulating 12 or more points within 3 years will result in license suspension:

  • Speeding (10mph or less for a 55mph zone) – 1 point

  • Littering from a moving vehicle – 1 point

  • Failure to secure passenger under age 16 – 2 points

  • Driving with expired or no driver’s license – 3 points

  • Speeding (10mph-20mph) – 3 points

  • Running a stop sign – 3 points

  • Running a red light – 3 points

  • Failure to report an accident – 3 points

  • Driving with no liability insurance – 3 points

  • Illegal passing – 4 points

  • Hit and run property damaged (misdemeanor) – 4 points

  • Reckless driving (misdemeanor) – 4 points

  • Passing a school bus – 5 points

Speeding Tickets

One common type of traffic ticket issued to drivers is the speeding ticket. Speeding tickets can affect your automobile insurance rates and, as seen above, put points on your driver’s license. However, paying your speeding ticket means you are pleading guilty to speeding, so it is best to consult an experienced traffic ticket lawyer to decide your best option to resolve the ticket. Visit our Speeding Tickets page to learn more.

Seatbelt Tickets

Drivers may also incur points on their license and other penalties for seatbelt violations. Recall that in North Carolina, every person in a moving vehicle is required to wear a seat belt, and failure to do so could result in a seatbelt ticket for each person not wearing one. Though a ticket for a seatbelt violation is not technically considered a moving violation, there are fines that can become costly. Further, seatbelt violations for passengers under the age of 16 are more severe; North Carolina’s Child Safety Seat Law establishes that children under the age of 16 must wear a seatbelt. The law also states that any child under the age of 8 and less than 80 lbs. must rise in the backseat and be fastened in an appropriate car-seat.

The penalties for a seatbelt violation could include 2 driver license points, up to $25 in fines, and possible court costs (up to $263). At Cummings and Kennedy Law Firm, PLLC, we are deeply familiar with North Carolina’s traffic laws, so we can save you time and money on your seatbelt tickets. Such a small mistake shouldn’t take you off the road, after all.

Traffic Accidents

More serious traffic tickets may be issued for traffic accidents that might result in failure to reduce speed or unsafe movement. Our firm understands that this can be scary, and we will assist you through any traffic or criminal charges from your accident. In most cases, we can get the court to dismiss your ticket with information from your insurance company.

Additionally, note that if you have been involved in an automobile accident, you must contact law enforcement immediately. Failure to report an accident can result in further charges, including 3 points on your license.

Other Traffic Tickets

There are also several other specific traffic tickets related to a driver’s vehicle. For instance, adding an after-factory window tint to your vehicle must meet North Carolina state specifications; otherwise, you may receive a ticket.

It is also required by law that vehicles must carry insurance for liability and uninsured/underinsured motorists, so driving a vehicle that does not have the minimum coverage could warrant a ticket. You may also receive such a ticket if your insurance has lapsed or is no longer active.

Additionally, all vehicles in North Carolina are required to renew their state registration yearly. Before renewal, however, the vehicle must pass a safety and/or emissions test. Once this test is complete and reported to the state, then you are eligible to renew your North Carolina vehicle registration. Failure to renew your registration may result in fines and a ticket.

Call (252) 486-8663 to Resolve Your Ticket Today

If you have been issued a traffic ticket in Carteret County, whether for speeding or some other traffic violation, contact Cummings & Kennedy Law Firm, PLLC for legal support. We handle a range of traffic tickets, including seatbelt tickets and insurance tickets. For in-depth and knowledgeable legal assistance to resolve your ticket, reach out to our legal team today.

Let’s get you back on the road safely and promptly. Call (252) 486-8663 or contact our firm online for a free initial consultation.

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