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Natalie Kennedy Investigator


R.N. B.s.N

Chief Medical Advisor & Investigator

Natalie is both a registered nurse and a former Special Agent with North Carolina Alcohol Law Enforcement (NC ALE).  She has considerable experience as an ICU nurse, having served as Clinical Coordinator at Carteret Healthcare’s Hospital in Morehead City.  She also has extensive experience as a Cardiac Nurse at the Carolina East Heart Center. 


As an ALE Agent, Natalie was vested with the most expansive subject matter and territorial jurisdiction of any sworn state or local law enforcement officer in North Carolina.  With powers of arrest over any crimes committed anywhere within the state, she traveled throughout North Carolina working undercover in controlled drug buys, dram shop operations, assisting with federal investigations, and engaging in fugitive apprehension as a part of the Carolinas Regional Fugitive Task Force under the direction of the U.S. Marshals Service. 


Natalie serves as Chief Medical Advisor & Investigator to the firm.  As a Chief Medical Advisor, she consults and advises on cases involving assaults, bodily injury, latent disease / pre-existing injury, as well as interpretation of medical records where relevant to the defense of the firm’s clients or impeachment of their accusers.  She also assists with assessments of medical bills and scope of injury in criminal cases where the State is seeking restitution.  As an Investigator to the firm, she serves as a resource on law enforcement investigations, procedures, sources, and methods, particularly in drug and alcohol cases. 


In her free time, she enjoys boating, fishing, hunting, and collecting fine wines. 

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