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2 Reasons You Need An Attorney For Your Bond Hearing

If you don’t have much personal experience with the criminal justice system, your knowledge of bond hearings is likely limited to what you’ve seen on television or in the movies. Bond hearings are when a defendant who has been charged with a crime goes before a judge and asks to be released until their trial. The judge can decline the request, in which case the defendant will remain in jail until the trial and they are found either guilty or not guilty of the crime. The judge can also grant the request, and in most cases, will make it contingent upon bail. Bail is a sum of money paid by the defendant and held by the court to ensure the defendant shows up for their next court date.

The entire process is fairly straightforward, but unfortunately, that is why many people decide to go into a bail hearing on their own without first retaining a lawyer to represent them. This can be a mistake. Here are three reasons why you should have a Beaufort attorney by your side when you attend your bail hearing.

Why You Should Hire an Attorney Before Your Bail Hearing

They can argue for a lower bond on your behalf.

An experienced attorney is going to know how to present your case in the best possible light in order to argue for a lower bond amount. They may even be able to argue that you should be released on your own recognizance, meaning that no monetary bond is necessary. If you tried to do this on your own, you are not likely to be as successful as an experienced bond hearing lawyer who understands that system and knows what is reasonable to ask for in your case.

They know how to work with judges and the prosecutor.

Attorneys who attend bond hearings and trials with their clients know the judges and prosecutors in your area. That means they’ll know more about what the judge wants to hear and see from you in order to get a favorable bond amount. That experience is working in your favor and can help you get a lower bond. As a defendant, you probably don’t have a lot of experience with the criminal justice system and certainly don’t have relationships with the judges and prosecutors involved. To them, you are just another case needing a bail amount set.

They can prevent you from getting into more trouble.

Some people who try to argue on their own behalf during a bond hearing can end up doing more damage to themselves. That’s because you could accidentally reveal information that could result in additional charges or could end up hurting you during your trial. A bond hearing attorney will know what should and should not be said during the hearing, keeping you out of more trouble. That can be invaluable and help you later in the process, too.

Our Beaufort Attorneys Can Help With Your Bond Hearing

If you are facing criminal charges and have an upcoming bond hearing, you need to hire an attorney as soon as possible. Having an experienced lawyer by your side can be the difference between remaining in jail until your trial or being released and being reunited with your friends and family. Don’t put your freedom at risk by trying to get through the process without an attorney. The team at Cummings & Kennedy can help. Get in touch with us today to get a free consultation on your case and we can determine together the best way to proceed. Give us a call or contact us through our website to speak with a member of our team today.

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