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Carteret County Criminal Defense Attorney For Underage Drinking

Drinking Tickets in North Carolina: Protecting High School and College Students

If you are under the legal drinking age in North Carolina, having even one sip of beer can result in criminal charges. If you have been charged with underage drinking , whether it was for underage possession, attempting to buying alcohol underage with a fake ID, or if you were accused of public intoxication), it can be difficult to know what you should do next.

If you have recently received a “drinking ticket” for an alcohol-related charge, don’t delay; contact the Carteret County underage drinking ticket attorneys at Cummings & Kennedy. With charges of this nature, you need an experienced advocate on your side to help you obtain the best possible outcome.

Why hire a Carteret County criminal defense lawyer?

In some situations, you may be tempted to pay the fine associated with the ticket in an effort to resolve the matter quickly. Don’t do it. Simply “paying off the ticket” means that you are pleading guilty to the charge, thereby creating a lifelong misdemeanor conviction on your permanent record. Contact the Carteret County underage drinking ticket attorneys at Cummings & Kennedy to explore your options and to discuss the feasibility of avoiding a conviction altogether. At Cummings & Kennedy, we know better than to treat your misdemeanor like a minor offense.

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