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Carteret County Public Intoxication Attorney

Being drunk in public might not seem like a big deal, but the truth is, if it is determined that you have been disturbing the peace, public intoxication can lead to criminal charges. However, you cannot be charged with a crime for just being drunk in public. Should a law enforcement officer decide that their intoxication is dangerous to their health or disruptive, they could choose to place you in the care of a healthcare facility or shelter. Similarly, after sending them to this place, you can still be criminally charged.

Should an intoxicated person behave in an unruly manner that places either themselves or others in danger, they could also be slapped with charges of disorderly conduct – which carries heavy penalties and severe consequences. At Cummings & Kennedy, we recognize that criminal charges (regardless of the circumstances) can be frightening and we are therefore fully devoted to ensuring that our clients receive the caring and high-quality assistance that they truly deserve.

As a locally run firm, we know the courts that we will be trying the cases in. This hometown advantage is not only convenient, it could be the advantage that we need as we work forward in the case. We know how daunting it can be to face criminal charges – you can trust that if you choose to work with a Carteret County criminal defense lawyer from our firm that your case and your future will be placed into truly capable and trustworthy hands. So don’t wait! If you are looking to combat the charges, it is in your best interests to call us as soon as possible – the sooner that our attorney team gets involved, the faster that we will be able to help you build a defense.

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