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Legal Troubles During Spring Break

Spring break is coming, which means a week full of free time, friends, and inevitable partying. As the excitement and high energy that comes with spring break overflows through college students' minds and bodies, sometimes unfavorable choices are made, and mistakes occur. This can sometimes leave you in legal trouble in the area, without knowing much about the county or state’s laws if you’re visiting from out of town. Fortunately, Cummings & Kennedy is a law firm dedicated to helping assist with charges and ensure that your record is not tarnished from a night of drinking and bad decisions. We work with those affected by changes in alcohol and drug-related crimes, helping to give them the criminal defense necessary to combat the potential repercussions that come with these charges.

Underaged Drinking & Drinking Tickets

Underaged drinking can occur on spring break destinations, with trouble rooting from trying to purchase alcohol with a fake ID or being caught with the possession of alcohol and under the age of 21. With spring break embodying an atmosphere of celebration and partying, underage drinking and fake ID usage is a common offense. Many college students traveling on spring break are underaged, but have the desire to drink, which can lead to some misdemeanor legal charges. Though it may be a misdemeanor offense, the criminal charge can blemish your record and affect your future. That’s why it is important to take the steps necessary to properly defend your underage drinking charge, whether it be using a fake ID or being caught with the possession of alcohol while under the age of 21. Furthermore, drinking tickets can be issued, as even having one beer as a minor under the age of 21 can turn into a criminal case that can have serious effects on your future. Don’t let the charge ruin your spring break and future, let Cummings & Kennedy help you get the criminal defense you need and deserve.


Unfortunately, with a week full of partying and drinking, poor decisions can be made. If you received a criminal charge for this, it can result in a serious blemish on your record, as well as expensive fines and court fees. It is critical to properly address the situation of receiving a DWI/DUI quickly to protect your future and criminal record. At Cummings & Kennedy, we not only provide you with quality and effective legal representation but can also help you get back on the road as soon as 11 days after your charge. According to §20-138.1 of the 2009 North Carolina Code, to be criminally charged, all that must be proven is that you were driving while your ability was impaired. This “impairment” could be from a single beer, but can result in the loss of license and other repercussions if not properly addressed. These penalties can vary depending on various aspects of your charges, so getting a criminal defense attorney can help you mitigate the potential damages from these charges.

Public Intoxication

When excessively drinking and being in public, you can run the risk of receiving a public intoxication charge. This can result from excessive rowdiness, disturbance of the peace, and behaving in an unruly manner. With spring break centered around free time and partying, a public intoxication ticket can be a blemish on your record. Furthermore, a public intoxication charge can also have a disorderly conduct charge slapped on top of it, which can carry heavier and more serious consequences. By hiring legal help from Cummings & Kennedy, we have the advantage of being a local firm and knowing the courts where the case will be tried, helping us with moving forward with the charge and helping you receive less serious charges by doing so.

Drug Charges

If you are found in the unfortunate circumstance of dealing with a drug charge, it is imperative to get legal representation to ensure that your charge doesn’t work against your ability to advance your future. Drug-related crimes in the state of North Carolina are not taken lightly, so neither should your ability to seek out legal counsel. The offense is not something to be taken lightly, and Cummings & Kennedy understand the gravity of the situation. We work hard to give you the criminal defense necessary to ensure that you are getting the representation you need to ensure that your criminal record is not tarnished.

Spring break can be a time of fun and partying. However, it can also lead to legal trouble if things get out of hand and poor decisions are made. Fortunately, Cummings & Kennedy is your local firm that understands the laws and has worked within the area’s courts to provide quality and superior experience. To learn more about our legal services, or if you need to contact us about a charge, visit our website and contact us today!


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