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Don’t Just Pay Your Speeding Ticket

It happens. You’re late for work, rushing to get your kids somewhere, or simply just zoning out and realizing that you are going over the speed limit. You get pulled over, and the next thing you know you’re getting a traffic ticket that is not only expensive but will continually tarnish your record with your insurance company and require higher rates for insurance plans. When you get a seasoned lawyer, like one of our attorneys at Cummings & Kennedy, you can rest assured that you are getting the representation necessary to fight a speeding ticket. There are legal precedents in line that can help you combat the effects of a ticket, and we’re here to provide the confidence that you have the legal representation necessary to do so. You don’t have to just pay your speeding ticket, you can get the help needed to reduce the costs and ensure that you aren’t hurting your driving record too badly. Let’s explore what happens with a speeding ticket, and why getting a lawyer to represent you can be well worth your while.

Insurance Prices Go Up

With insurance already being a hefty expense for cars, having any increase in prices can adversely affect your budget and capabilities to pay for the insurance necessary to drive your car. This financial burden will affect your insurance prices for years to come and can be an unnecessary burden if you get the correct legal help to successfully fight it.

Points Taken Off of Your License

Getting a traffic ticket results in points being deducted from your license. Upon getting your license, you are allotted a certain amount of points that incentivize you to follow the law and practice safe driving. Upon getting a moving violation, such as a speeding ticket, points are deducted and can tarnish your record for years to come. Most speeding tickets that result in a reduction of points on your license can stay on your driver’s record for 36 months or 3 years. This doesn’t have to be the case if you get the assistance of a lawyer to fight for your legal rights during the legal process of getting a speeding ticket.

Court Fees

Court fees can add up — from the initial charge for your ticket to the administrative fees that are aligned with simply having to go to court. Instead of having this become a reality, the traffic lawyers at Cummings & Kennedy help make sure that this increase in fines and fees won’t be too bad, that way the speeding ticket will not have to break the bank more than it already is.

It may seem like your best option is to simply just pay the speeding ticket, go to court, and pay the fees, instead of getting a lawyer. Though this may be the easy road to dealing with a speeding ticket, it is not your only avenue. A seasoned traffic attorney can provide you with immense leverage in getting your ticket eliminated or reducing the final impact of the ticket.

We Make Sure Things Were Legal

When getting a speeding ticket, a variety of logistical and legal processes need to have been implemented in the issuance of the ticket. This is aligned with our process, which starts by checking to make sure that the officer who gave the speeding ticket is certified on the radar, and if there is an official recording of the speed you were ticketed for. If that was not the case, then there is a strong chance our attorneys can help fix the problem. If it was the case, then there are a variety of other legal avenues we can take to fight the ticket. Some argument examples include improper equipment used, a continued judgment, or a reduction deal, each of which will work to improve the spot that you’re in.

Getting a speeding ticket can seem like a battle that is best left not fought and simply fixed by just paying the ticket. At Cummings & Kennedy, we want to make sure everything was legal and that you have your rights protected. Learn more about what we can do for you by visiting our website, or contacting us today!

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